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Bakery products offered French preservation             

French inventor Joël Gourlain has come up with an innovative double-wall packaging system that could give a much longer shelf-life to bakery products.

In the system, which has been patented in both France and the UK, bakery products are packaged in an inner, micro-perforated film, while an outer layer contains a mixture of gases for longer preservation. Mr Gourlain claims that the system can extend fresh sandwich shelf-life from hours to weeks and can significantly reduce the costs for holding and preparing frozen breads.

"In the past few years, some industrial bakery products and sandwiches have suffered from quality defects, due to the development of mould and oxygenation during the manufacturing process and logistic constraints," says Mr Gourlain. "At the same time, consumer’s habits have changed, thanks to longer working hours and new cooking technology. As a result, supermarkets have been looking for solutions to improve packaging and logistics management. And at the same time, the bakery and snacking industry has been seeking ways to reduce production and distribution costs."  >>> suite dans l'espace reservé.

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